Philadelphia’s Oldest Black Owned Bookstore

“Black people need to read more so that we can establish our cultural identities. We hold ourselves in low esteem due to the brainwashing process of our slavemasters through  their educational system .We are the only people on the face of the earth who allow our oppressor to educate our children. If we change our image of self then we can alter our condition and thereby gain power and respect. Therefore it is imperative for us to read, study and manifest.”

– DAWUD HAKIM-Founder of Hakims Bookstore


  • 210 S 52nd St
    Philadelphia, PA 19139-4002
  • (215) 474-9495
  • Store Hours:
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 12pm-6pm
    Saturday – 11am-6pm.

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"The oldest & best black bookstore around. Support Hakims so it can be around 50+ more years."
  • Delores Barnes-Stanton
"Great selection of literature! Comfortable and inviting atmosphere! I look forward to the Saturday book club discussions."
  • Janine Mitchell
"[Dawud Hakim] has served as a role model in business because of his love of history and his dedication to passing knowledge along to others, thereby earning our everlasting admiration and respect."
  • The Chamber of Commerce of West Philadelphia
"I pray that you will continue to make us more aware of our history and heritage, and that we will become more supportive of your efforts. our young people need to be mindful of the sacrifices that brought us to this point."
  • Roscoe Draper
"Friendly and helpful staff. Good collection of books. They will also gift wrap and if you are a lazy bad wrapper this is the place! Nice calendars too!"
  • Dale Montgomery
History Books
African American Studies
Bio's & Memoirs